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  • Image of 3 LEFT! - 'Twenties' Trading Card Packs
  • Image of 3 LEFT! - 'Twenties' Trading Card Packs
  • Image of 3 LEFT! - 'Twenties' Trading Card Packs
  • Image of 3 LEFT! - 'Twenties' Trading Card Packs

3 LEFT! - 'Twenties' Trading Card Packs


'Twenties' is a 'trading card game' created for an exhibition called 'Fun & Games' by Hero Of Switzerland (& Friends).
There are 40 different designs - some common, some uncommon and some rare.

Each packs contains 6 different, random cards.

The game:
-Each player starts with 6 (or more) cards.
-One or both count down '3...2...1' and then place their own card down whilst saying out loud their guess of what the total number will be.
-Each card has a number '0, 5 or 10' on it meaning the total will be either '0, 5, 10, 15 or 20'. If somebody guesses it right, they take both cards.
-If nobody gets it right or if both players do get it right the game continues with the previous cards staying on the table. (Players then guess the total for the next two cards, not all cards on the table).
-First to have all of the cards wins!

Orders come with free stickers/prints etc based on order size. 'Twenties' have free P&P if being bought with another item!

Card amounts are very limited and I currently have no plans to reprint these or do more but may do so in future if people respond well.
'Twenties' is a card game but primarily it's an art piece for an exhibition - these are being sold as playable prints essentially so keep that in mind. All packs are pre-packed and will always be a surprise - no requests.